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September 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Recently, I read an interview with an established author that really got me thinking. The author in question was asked when she first started to think of herself as a writer. After a pause, she eventually answered that she considered herself an author when her second book came out and she was finally able to give up work and write full time. From this point on, when people asked her what she did for a living, she was would answer, “I‘m a writer.”

So, like I say, this really got me thinking. When is that point? Is it a universal, sign posted point on the journey? Or is it different for everyone? Is it when your first book comes out? Finally, your life long creative dream has come to fruition. Or is it when your second book has come out? Like they say, everyone has a book in them… but a second one, does that suggest something more; a calling, a vocation? Or it simply, as was the case for the author, when you are able to go full time as a writer!?

I am sure like most things in life, this magical, sought after point is different for everyone. But for me, I think the point came when I read the first review on the official Jump! Blog Tour. When the review arrived as promised, I nervously clicked onto the link – wondering what the reviewer thought of Robbie Blair and his adventures. What if she hated it? How would I cope with that? Poor Robbie! How could she ……. But thankfully it was very positive! She loved the book and had really enjoyed Robbie Blair’s journey! Phew! Wow! Someone I don’t know at all has enjoyed Jump! by JG Nolan and is telling other people I also don’t know, to read it too! Result!

And then, over the following 2 weeks, every morning, another review would dutifully appear in my in-box patiently waiting to be opened. The reviews have thankfully all been very positive and what has been really interesting is that they have all offered or uncovered something slightly different from each other. All seemed to agree that Robbie Blair is a very likeable character who shows tremendous resilience in trying to recover his broken footballing dream. But some were taken with how the book shows the value in learning from the past and through the stories of our elders. Some saw the book working on different levels- really pleased about this! Some even loved my writing style!! Others found the story heart felt, even tear jerking. Wow! Maybe I have made people actually cry or at least a bit teary eyed! Some found the football stories fascinating despite not being football fans. Interestingly all seemed to see Jump! appealing to all ages and all loved Carina Robert’s ’s beautiful illustrations.

So, there you go, I won’t say it too loud of course, but perhaps I am a writer after all!

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