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March 2023

Getting to the business end of Jump! 2 (working title only). Guys, if you have any suggestions for a title for Jump!2, then drop them in the comments section below. Yes I am still watching too many YouTube videos, when, I am not working or writing the book.

I am really in the zone now and have been for the past 5 or 6 weeks. To really and I mean really immerse myself in the world of Robbie Blair and Jamie (a spoiler there 😉) well, have I done anything different to last time? Yes and no. Music has still played a massive part in helping me get in the zone, but different music to last time. I’ve not been using specific types of classical music, like Bach, at all really, preferring to use…..wait for it……..Minecraft Relaxation Music With Rain! One of the main characters plays Minecraft a lot so I figured I should be listening to Minecraft music too. Logical yeah? And it has definitely helped. And when I haven’t been using Minecraft Relaxation Music (With Rain) I have been listening to 10 hours of Ultimate Viking Relaxation Music.

Water was extremely important in Jump! on many levels. And as it has turned out, water has become very important in Jump! 2. I have always been drawn to the relaxing, therapeutic qualities of water and these qualities again evolve to be of great benefit to the main character of the story. And I definitely think that listening to 10 Hours of Ultimate Viking Relaxation Music steered me (pardon the pun) into this direction- imagining I was on a long boat, cutting through the icy, crystalline water of a Scandinavian fjord. I have naturally also checked out other Viking musical offerings available, but have yet to find Now That’s What I call Viking Music minus 1023…….

You might wonder what possible connections the Vikings have with relaxation, at all, to be honest. I mean, weren’t they too busy pillaging, plundering and slaying innocent monks to be concerned with incense burning musical meditations?? Well, apparently, like horned helmets, that is a bit of a myth too and a lot of Vikings were actually peace loving farmer dudes. In fact, there is some evidence that some Vikings even ”invaded” other countries using these peace loving motivations and approaches.

“Hey guys, don’t be scared, we are not here to hurt you, we just want to touch base and get to know you. It’s a learning curve for us too. Just chucking it out there but, tonight, why don’t we have a cheese and wine evening, followed by a quiz? Thoughts…………” Well. Maybe………..

Talking of fjords, I love a bit of wild swimming. I’m not like a professional, or a semi-professional or even a semi-amateur. I just like the cold, icy water and the way your thoughts just become one when you dive in. I say “dive” but I guess I mean gingerly shuffle into the lake and lightly splash water on my chest to acclimatise myself to what lies ahead.

“Come on!” she said. “It’s alright once you’re in!” And they always say that, don’t they?

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