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January 2023

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

What’s up people! I re-read Jump! over Christmas. Is that wrong? Don’t famous musicians never listen to their albums ever again after recording them. Is a double negative ok between friends?

My creative history used to be writing songs in conservatories and playing gigs in sweaty dives around the country. I say conservatory but actually when I first started to learn the craft of song writing, I prided myself on (maybe defined myself) by creating the melody in a space as far removed from a building as possible. I didn’t want to sit there, crouched over an acoustic guitar, inadvertently rewriting Hotel California. If you sat there with no ideas, I found you just reverted to familiar patterns and sequences and you just naturally fall into that natural sequence- no way Sherlock!! But. When I found out that Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday- in a dream- I thought there is something in that….

The process doesn’t need to happen at a guitar. Or a type writer. It happens somewhere else. I suddenly thought I need to write songs anywhere. As long as I am thinking and wanting them to come, they would come. So, I walked. Normally at night. And waited for melodies to come to me, when I was out and about in the middle of the night – walking past lampposts. This did work. I did come up with songs. Out and about. In the moment. And I could be anywhere. Preferably anywhere.

I remember creating at least 2 melodies whilst taking a midnight walk. And they were good. (watch this space lol). Are good. And I would never have come up with them, crouched over a guitar in a conservatory.

Robbie Blair’s a bit like me. He does his thinking in the middle of the night and loves a full moon. When re-reading Jump! I was surprised by how many full moons there are in it!

Talking of which, it was Chinese New Year last Sunday (23rd Jan). The Chinese New Year usually falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Apparently. Chinese New Year is a massive deal in China, marking the end of winter and signifying the start of the spring season. There is a lot of this in Jump! Robbie Blair broke his leg in winter and trains and returns in spring and summer. Chinese New Near celebrations are also a time where they honour their ancestors. Always a good thing. We have so much to learn from those that have laughed and cried before us. Talking of which, thought it was really cool that this 100-year-old war veteran has been volunteering in a primary school in Macclesfield. Beautiful. And very Jump!

This year is the year of Rabbit, predicted to be the year of hope – starting from January 22, 2023 and ending on February 9, 2024. Apparently in Chinese culture, rabbit is the symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity. What’s nae to like?

Talking of nae, it was Burns night the other day and I will close this rambling post with my favourite Robbie Burns quote:

“Dare to be honest and fear no labour.”

Robbie speaks from the heart and ye cannae accuse him of nae putting a shift in!

And talking of labour, I am writing a new book! If you liked Jump! you will hopefully like the new one. Lot of labour to come though!!!

And to quote me:

“It’s all happened. I’ve just got to get it down.”

Laters people.

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