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April 2023

Updated: May 30, 2023

Last month of writing on the book. I have literally been living and dreaming Jump!2.

Still haven’t though of a decent title yet, I’m afraid and you never got back to me with a killer suggestion.

It’s done now. But like a painting, it just never feels done. You always feel like you can add a little bit more. Here and there. Like Jump! I wrote the last chapter really early on. In fact, just like Jump! I wrote all the chapters randomly in the same out of sync order. I wouldn’t recommend writing like that but it works for me and it got it done. Maybe it’s the way I like to roll.

I shall miss the writing process but at the moment I am just glad to get it done. As previously stated (hopefully I got ‘round to saying it at some point 😉) I am a terrible procrastinator and flit between being unable to focus at all to being able to focus for an extremely long time. I had some real marathon sessions on this one and the best writing sessions were when the time just seemed to slip by really quickly. What do they call this? Getting ‘in the zone’. Tom Bukovac, my all-time favourite guitarist and brilliant YouTuber, talks about doing his best work when he is in a flow state, where he’s almost floating around in the room. At these times, all those 10,000 hours of practice come into their own and he just lets himself go, a vessel to receive floating ethereal melodies from the air. You hear the same thing from sports people at the top of their game. Where they have worked so hard on the technical aspects of their game over the years that when it comes to the big day, the big match they too enter that flow state, where they just “do” without thinking. This is something that really interests me and comes up a few times in Jump!2.

Michaelangelo was asked about this once when he was busy sculpting (he didn’t just do ceilings).

“Hiya m8,” said the humble villager, squinting in the midday sun and watching intently as the great man chipped away with his trusted hammer and chisel, blowing the dust away after each feverish, flurry of activity.

The humble villager continued. “Excuse me m8. Can I ask you a question?”

Michaelangelo turned around slowly and looked at the man. He was busy. Why couldn’t he see this? He was just as handy in the temper stakes as he was with a paintbrush and a chisel, but on this occasion, he abstained from losing it. Just about.

“I’m………………………I’m sculpting,” he told the villager. Not unreasonably.

“But, how did you get so good?”

The great man looked at him again.

“Do you think it is by chance I made this? Do you think it was luck? A random set of coincidences gifted me by the Gods of fortuitous sculpting?”

The villager pursed his lips and shrugged, “mayyyyyyybee????

Michaelangelo put his arm around the villager.

“No, my friend. I started sculpting at the age of four. I practised 12 hours a day, every day. And when I wasn’t sculpting I thought about sculpting. And when I was asleep I dreamt about sculpting. That my friend is how I got to be so good. Practice.”

Anyway. I’ve got to go now.

But before I do, some great news about Jump! It reached no33 this week in the Amazon category Sports Fiction for Young Adults. Really pleased with that.

Cheers for now

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