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December 2022

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

So, the end of another year! This year has been a very important one for me and for Jump! It was the year Jump! was finished and it was the year we launched Jump! to the masses! Sorry for all the exclamation marks!

There have been some real highs over the year.

Definitely up there, early on in the year was when Joe Hart agreed to put some words together for a Jump! foreword. As the book is drenched in Celtic’s history, to have a footballing legend and Celtic keeper associated with the book, was amazing. After years and years of things just not getting off the ground, maybe now this was a sign that the planets were aligning…….

Next up was finally receiving a copy of Jump! Just feeling it in my hands. I’m not ashamed to admit that this was quite emotional! Like totes emosh! Just paper, cardboard and ink but almost a religious experience. Touching things. Smelling things. In the age of musical digital downloads, I find it very sad that that the younger generation have missed out on the experience of physically purchasing their favourite music. Thankfully the “book” seems to be surviving as a physical entity that people still prefer to have in their hands as opposed to a virtual “thing” in peoples’ downloads files!

Seeing all the amazing reviews Jump! has has received over the last few months has been very exciting and I am very grateful to all the thought and attention that has gone into all of these. So chuffed that Jump! has been recommended as a stocking filler this Christmas.

An absolutely massive moment for the Jump! project was eventually getting it on the shelves in the Official Celtic Store next to Celtic Park. It certainly felt surreal seeing it sitting there in such esteemed company. Thanks so much to Sian Bagci of Sergar Creative for making this happen.

A real challenge for me in the last few months has been trying to get down with the kids and embrace things all Insta and TikTok. This has been a real challenge for a bit of a dinosaur/technophobe. But I have tried. There are so many opportunities out there, if you are prepared to put the work in. And remember your pass word. And the right hash tags. I have particularly enjoyed spotting a perfect full moon, shoe horning my sons into action (cost me mind!) and filming little vignettes of Robbie Blair’s journey to share with the world. I have really enjoyed this whole creative process and sincerely hope that one day Jump! will get made into a proper feature film! Robbie Blair’s journey deserves it.

And finally, I can’t leave this final blog of the year without sharing THE major festive highlight! YES! Getting a shout out from Pantomime legend Brad Fitt during my visit to see Beauty and the Beast! Thanks Brad! Ok that’s 2022. “It’s behind me!”

Merry Christmas everyone!

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